If you are a construction worker or work as a general laborer in the industry, it’s vital to the safety of yourself and your colleagues that you go through one of the OSHA training courses in order to understand OSHA laws and regulations. These standards were created to ensure on-site safety and wellness for construction workers as well as the general public.

At Curv Compliance, we offer a hands-on, 30-hour OSHA training course to help construction and general industry employees understand their responsibility to achieve safety in the office and on the job site. If you have a crew or new employees that need to go through an OSHA training course, contact us today to register.

Intended Training Audience

Our OSHA 30 training is geared toward workers and management in construction or any general industry. This training is applicable for anyone on a work site or in the office.

We offer two different 30-hour OSHA training courses for the following audience:

  • Construction or general industry workers

  • Construction or general industry foremen

  • Construction or general industry job supervisors

  • Any personnel in charge of construction-related or general industry-related projects

Course content is broken into specific knowledge for construction workers or workers in the general industry in order to cover topics that are most applicable.

OSHA 30 Course Learning Objectives

When construction and general industry workers register for the OSHA 30 training course, they will gain extensive knowledge about workplace safety and health hazards, including how to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent them.

Workers will learn more information about workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and proper steps to take when filing a complaint. This training course also teaches employer requirements for providing a safety and health program that helps reduce and prevent injury, illness, and fatality. It teaches legal responsibilities supervisors have to protect workers’ safety and health, as well as how to perform an incident investigation in order to prevent future hazards.

As a construction or general industry worker, it’s imperative to understand the variety of hazards you face during day-to-day operations and how to avoid or prevent those hazards. OSHA 30 training covers recognition, avoidance, and prevention of hazards such as the following:

  • Caught-in and caught-between hazards

  • Common struck-by hazards

  • Electrocution hazards

  • Material-handling hazards

  • Hand and power tool hazards

  • Crane hazards

  • Motor vehicle, mechanized equipment, and
    marine operation hazards

  • Fire hazards

  • Steel erection hazards

  • Welding and cutting hazards

  • Confined-space hazards

  • Arc flash hazards

Workers will learn about movements and activities that could lead to rhythmic movement disorder (RMD) and musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) so that they can avoid this type of illness. In the event of an accident, workers will learn how to respond to the emergency in an effective and timely manner.

OSHA 30 Course Topics and Industry Terms

The OSHA training course is broken down into various topics to help workers comprehend and maintain the extensive amount of knowledge they will be given for the duration of the course. Topics will include an introduction to OSHA, the contractor’s safety and health program, reporting and record keeping, electrical hazards, fall protection, materials handling, cranes and rigging, motorized mobile platforms, the competent person, excavations, work zone traffic control, and forklift hazards.

Industry terms that this OSHA training course will cover include:

  • OSHA

  • CP

  • PPE

  • LOTO

  • Department of Labor (DOL)

  • Outreach Training Program

The previously listed learning objectives will be broken up accordingly into the different topics, and workers will become familiar with the different industry terms throughout the duration of the course.

Completion Requirements

In order to pass the 30-hour OSHA training course, students will need to complete the training with an accuracy of at least 70 percent. Students will have three opportunities to complete the OSHA 30 test and they will receive immediate feedback about their results and any incorrect answers.

Completion Card

Once students have successfully completed the OSHA 30 test, they will receive a completion card that has been authorized by OSHA and the Department of Labor. The card will be mailed directly to the student and should arrive within six to eight weeks of completing the OSHA training course successfully.

If you or your crew requires training on OSHA laws and regulations, contact Curv Compliance today to register for our OSHA 30 training course. We offer hands-on training to help your team improve safety and health in the workplace while also complying with OSHA safety standards.

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Meta: Whether you’re a construction or a general industry worker, understanding OSHA laws and regulations is vital for the safety of you and your coworkers. Curv Compliance offers OSHA 30 training for extensive training and knowledge. Register your team today for one of our OSHA training courses.

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