Curv Compliance wants to help make sure each and every division of your business runs smoothly and within safety compliance standards to keep you, your employees, and the community safe and healthy. 

To do that, we offer a variety of inspection, observation, and training services to help you identify and address potential work hazards. Our compliance services encapsulate a variety of aspects, such as customer service, irrigation, ADA regulations, quality control, sewer line maintenance, file management, and administration. Learn more by reading about the individual services below, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Customer Service Inspection: Lead & Cross-Conn. Inspections for Service Meter Transfer

In order to receive approval for water service on a project, you’ll need to have a customer service inspection performed to identify and prevent cross-connections, potential contamination hazards, and illegal lead materials.

Curv Compliance can perform a CSI and help you remedy any issues with cross-connections, eliminate potential contamination hazards, and replace illegal lead materials.

Backflow Inspections: Irrigation & Domestic Water Lines (BPAT)

When working with water, it’s important that unclean water doesn’t reverse its flow and contaminate clean water. Curv Compliance performs backflow inspections to make sure that irrigation and domestic water lines aren’t cross-connecting and becoming contaminated.

ADA, TAS/RAS Texas Accessibility Standard: Plan Review, Inspection & Consulting

Ensure that all new structures being built are ADA-accessible with the help of Curv Compliance. We review your plan, inspect specific areas that need to meet ADA standards, and consult with you on how to build ADA-accessible areas. We look at areas like:

  • Work areas or spaces only used by employees
  • Exterior facilities like parking lots
  • Building entrances and elevators
  • Service counters, teller windows, information counters
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Sleeping rooms and suites

It’s important to make sure that structures account for the width and turning radius of mobility devices like wheelchairs and electric scooters. Contact Curv Compliance today for help developing an ADA-compliant building plan.

Field Grades or Quality Control: Inspections & Observations

Safe site development for the health and safety of the public is vital for any construction site. Curv Compliance offers inspection and observation services to help your business create a quality control plan to maintain the safety of your employees and the public. 

Field Sewer Line Testing Quality Control: Inspections & Observations

Curv Compliance offers field sewer line testing as another precaution to ensure the health and safety of the public. We make sure that soil from the work site can percolate away from the drain field, but that it is also a fine enough grain for the system to filter out bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. These tests ensure that the water that reaches well water or a surface water supply is safe and does not contaminate these other sources.

DOT Compliance Management

The DOT (Department of Transportation) keeps close tabs on organizations that perform transportation tasks or have shipping fleets. Curv Compliance can help you create a system to keep track of DOT status, expiration, drug test results, and much more. Organize DOT regulations so that you can communicate these requirements to your staff to make sure their licensing continues to be DOT-compliant.

ISNetWorld Compliance Administration & Maintenance

Learn more about effective record keeping with the help of Curv Compliance. Knowing what information to record and how to record it will help cover you in the event of an inspection or incident. There are several different internal and governmental regulations that you need to follow in order to meet ISNetWorld compliance, so let us help you sift through the regulations to create a record keeping system that works for your business and meets the required standards.

Safety Compliance with Curv Compliance

There are a lot of regulations that need to be followed in order to meet safety compliance on a jobsite, but you don’t have to develop these safety plans on your own. Contact Curv Compliance today for inspections, observations, and consultations to develop plans that work for you and meet safety compliance standards.